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Grade R-9 is CAPS compliant

A Few Words About Us

Homeschool Your Child with Hab Tech Education

We believe that education is an exciting journey for the entire family and that the learning environment should be made what it was supposed to be all along: supportive, calm, exciting and adaptable to the needs of the learner. We see our role as assisting the parent/guardian/tutor in maintaining a high standard of education by standardization of the curriculum as well as presenting study material to the learner in a simple and understandable way.

In this demanding day and age the schooling industry and life itself is challenging. An alternative form of schooling, based on the latest technology, offers a refreshing new choice to the learner. Taking control of one’s education places the responsibility in the hands of both parents and learners alike. The quality of standardised curiiculum complete with its own assessments and tasks/tests/examsequips learners and their parents, to meet the minimum requirements of the national curriculum as set by the National Department of Education of South Africa.

What We Do

We provide an alternative to traditional schooling by providing a platform to school your child from home. We provide a complete distance learning course.

Our Capabilities

HabTech caters for grades R-12 and is CAPS compliant. We are proud to be affiliated with the Department if Education.

Our Standards

We provide a curriculum to ensure quality and perfection.

Our Mission,Vision

Our Vision

To be an innovative, quality-driven distance education institution, for homeschools

Our Mission

Habtech is committed to providing a quality homeschooling and assessment service to the distance education for candidates from Grade R - 12.